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   About Myself.Really hard to say but i believe one thing that u can better judge yourself.Nobody can understand better than yourself.A simple down to earth guy who still try to find a way to come out of this ‘one day to end life’. That’s i am.

Sometimes  its very hard to say that u have control over your life.U can’t control it.Once u start to believe that ur life is in your control and suddenly u encountered with unexpected one.My life is full of these things.Within a little span of time i have seen so many things in my life or i can say in upcomming years i will see nearly all aspects of the  life.

Apart from this i m very simple,loving and caring one.i love nature.i m an ambivert and i do believe that nothing is impossible in this world the main thing is determination,the passion about ur goal your objective or whatever u want to do.

The most loving part of my life is i have too many friends and they are for me not only my friends but more than that.I love them.


7 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Dheeraj said

    Hey Amit..Nice creation 🙂

  2. raj said

    its really a inovative work done by you..its looking like as a commercial web site.hope that u will add more informotion on this site.. ..

  3. Partha said

    It was nice reading the section “About Me”…Jhajee aap to kamaal kar deye..

  4. chandan said

    kya baat hai bhai.. sahi hai.. it is really nice reading all these stuffs.. keep writing..

  5. vijitha said

    hey Amit….really nice yar wonderful work……keep adding more and make it interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. chris said

    hey amit,

    this is the first time am visiting ur blog, and tell u what, u have really done a commendable job. The collections r quite good and worth reading.
    Also the ‘about myself’ that u have written quite summarizes our day to day life.
    reading it brought lots of memories back to me..
    thanks for bringing them back..they were lost somewhere in this daily busy schedule.
    keep posting nice things like these

    all the very best!!

  7. Hey dear, its really cool stuff. actually after so many times i come to your blog and got to know that my old roomie as well as my dearest has lots ok writing skills. Previously i know about only your poem writing, but i think your stuffs are really very cool and written in matured way.

    Anyhoq, right now i’m waiting for your another blog for your KAVITAs… kab bana rahe ho?? and don’t forget to tell me about that..

    bbye.. 🙂 Keep smiling..

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